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  • "You are great! Not only treating us, but helping us understand what is going on by encouraging us to be informed. Thank you so much!"  

  • "Kathleen's Homeopathic practice is a safe haven where you can drop anchor while traveling troubled waters in the Sea of Life.  Her deep faith in the healing elements will make you set sails again soon - inner compass pointing to north star..." 

  • "Kathleen is knowledgeable and so in tune in knowing how your body works and how it responds to pain whether it be physical or mental.  She can find a homeopathic remedy to heal your mind and body...Her manner is gentle, sympathetic, supportive and convincing.  She has helped me feel better and continues to be a person I can always depend on."

  • "Kathleen can get to the heart of the problem and provides solutions using natural remedies that work with your body's vital force to achieve balance.  She has done that very thing for me!"

  • "Thank you so much for speaking to our group last month!  I learned so much and I know everyone else did too."

  • "As I reflect on this past year, I am so grateful for you and your positive assistance, especially with helping meet my goal of no longer needing to take asthma medication. Thanks again!"


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