Kathleen Slonager, RN, DiHOM, ADS, AE-C, CCH


Kathleen has studied and practiced homeopathy in Michigan since 1993. Transformational Health, PC began in 2004, as a private practice devoted to classical homeopathy (which means one remedy at a time, starting at very low potencies, with as few repetitions as possible, following in the tradition left by Homeopathy's founder:  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.)

In addition to expertise in homeopathy, she has over 27 years experience in the healing arts.  The focus is on returning individuals and families back to a state of balance, health and wellness using the time-tested protocols of Homeopathy.



  • CCH - nationally certified classical homeopath

  • DiHOM - three-year diploma in Homeotherapeutics.  This diploma included clinical study in addition to academic work and was awarded by The Institute of Natural Health Sciences in Michigan

  • ADS  - certification as an acupuncture detoxification specialist (ADS) awarded from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association

  • RN - Registered Nurse

  • AE-C - Certified Asthma Educator 


Professional Memberships: 

  *  National Center for Homeopathy - Lifetime Member

  *  Homeopathic Nurses Association - Past President

  *  Council for Homeopathic Certification - Member

  *  Metro Detroit Affiliated Study Group Leader  (see Study Group page)

Voted into the Metro Parent's "Mom Approved Docs" List 4 years in a row!