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Classes & Workshops


Need an experienced and dynamic speaker for your group or conference?  Contact me today to make arrangements.  Kathleen Slonager #248.613.9662 or send an email.  Also available to provide Supervision for Homeopathic Students world-wide.

Mentorship and Clinical Supervision Available

Students & Graduates of Homeopathy need reliable and solid education. I can provide such an experience, which also includes 15 years of classical experience as a practitioner, and years of teaching and supervision experience.  For skilled clinical supervision and honest and thoughtful mentorship, please contact me by phone or email. I'd be honored to walk with you on your exciting homeopathic journey. 

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Repertory Workshop

Serious about homeopathy? Here's your chance to learn the basics of finding the right remedy. 

Workshop Dates can be arranged to suite your groups schedule. Cost is $100 for all sessions. Click here for a PDF with complete details.           

Request a class today! email:

Homeopathy Basics with Focus on Aging

Listen to this webinar I presented in Novemeber 2015, to learn more about the basics of homeopathy, first aid uses and using homeopathy for issues of aging.  Also discussed are helpful tips on lifestyle changes for better health.  Click here to go to the National Center for Homeopathy site where webinar is recorded.

That Time of Year!

It is that time of year, where the change of pace and season can lead to not feeling 100%. And it is the "back to school" tribulations that can lead to this less than 100% state too. But, even without school-aged children, everyone can benefit from homeopathic medicines perfect to support your wellness!  

For a useful remedy chart from our friends at the National Center for Homeopathy, click HERE.

Practical Homeopathy for Nurses: A Webinar Series
2.0 continuing education credits

Homeopathy is a natural system of healing that works with the body to relieve symptoms, restore balance, and improve overall health.  This professional webinar series is intended for the nurse who is interested in expanding or continuing their homeopathic knowledge. Learn how this safe, gentle, evidenced-based-medicine works with the body’s immune system at an energetic level to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. 

Topics include: 

  • History and Meaning

  • Core Concepts and Philosophy

  • First-Aid Use of Remedies

  • Colds and Flu

These modules have been developed by some of today's best practitioners including nurses and physicians, and are collaboratively presented by The National Center for Homeopathy and the Homeopathic Nurses Association.


Go to NCH's elearning site for more information or to register.

Webinar:  Managing Menopause Mayhem

Join me as I illuminate women’s health and wellness through the use of Homeopathy. 


Homeopathy offers gentle, safe and effective care for all of the issues and transitions woman experience throughout their lifetime, which may include menstrual problems, pregnancy issues, with an emphasis on peri & pre-menopause, and menopause.  Click here​ to view webinar. You can register for FREE to view the webinar. 

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