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Frequently Asked Questions ~ FAQ



What should I expect from the 1st homeopathic visit?


The first visit to a homeopath should take some time - usually 2 - 3 hours. During this assessment, many questions are asked about your current and past health conditions, including physical, emotional/mental, spiritual issues. Family history will also be discussed.  Answering these questions completely and honestly will ensure that the homeopath finds the remedy just right for you! Don't be embarrassed by the intensity or nature of the questions and answers - it's part of the process and all information provided is kept completely confidential.


Before your first visit, begin to think about & jot down these kinds of issues:
1. Childhood illnesses & accidents
2. Family history of cancers, respiratory diseases, STD's, etc.
3. When your symptoms first began...especially the emotional state you were in at the time.
4. What makes your symptom(s) better and/or worse.
5. List of supplements, medicines, & homeopathic remedies used in the past and currently.

Here's a helpful "First Visit" article from Homeopathy Plus newsletter 



What should I expect on follow up visits?


After the initial visit, much of the communication is done over the phone and emails. I keep in close contact with you to stay on top of changes for the first 30 days. There is usually a follow up visit about 4 weeks after the assessment, and then the number of office visits varies after that - all depending on initial problems and responses to the remedy. Another visit should be scheduled 6 months after the first.  In between visits, much of what we need to do is accomplished by brief phone and email discussions.

How much does it cost?


  • The First visit is $250 and lasts about 2 hours. This fee also includes close follow up for the first 30 days (we do this by text, email or phone.) 

  • Follow up visits are $100 and last about 40 minutes.

  • The homeopathic medicine will be provided, or options suggested. 

  • Urgent care phone calls range between $50 - $100, depending on time expended.

  • There is a $50 appointment cancellation fee if not cancelled within 24 hours.

  • Sliding scale fees available for those in need. 

  • Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo accepted.




Consultations are done through video chat, office visits or phone and email discussions. 

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